30.07.2012 | Age: 9

Olympic Diary 13: A Roof over Their Head

Thanks to the courier service, the key for the house in Greenwich Park in London has arrived.

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The house is just 200 meters from the upper entrance to this event. And from there you can take a bus directly to the stables. That sure makes things easy because London is filling up with more and more athletes, functionaries and spectators from day to day who want to go in all directions through the city to get to their hotels or wherever theay are staying and the different sport venues.

To make sure that the house is left as clean as it was when my parents took it over, a really royal shoe brushing mat has been installed. I bet it brushes off every single grain of sand from our Austrian soles.

Augustin OLD's box is ready for him to move in. We'll leave Eichendorff with the Walkers - he just needs to stay ready as a replacement.